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The Things.

The coffee experience is an awesome way to bring mindfulness into daily life. Not only do you have all the physical sensations of preparing and drinking it, you have the challenge of remembering to be mindful after more than the first sip. Then there is the awareness of exactly what it does to your mood and perceptions. Talk about a lesson in the interconnectedness of all things, including how a funny little molecule can fiddle with your experience so deliciously.

And you also get to study what happens when that molecule gets metabolized and you want more—a lesson in clinging and grasping if there ever was one. If you really want to get into it, you can also explore what you are resisting when you drink it. What mental and physical state are you evading with that first cup? Maybe even try going without it. Can you just be with your plain old regular morning self?

(Of course, I am just writing that. I would never go without it myself. That would be crazy. How would I get The Things done?)

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