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Modestly Mindful

Offering online classes on mindfulness and self-compassion for individuals and organizations.

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Modestly Mindful, because, why not?

Mindfulness and self-compassion shouldn't be a struggle.

You know that mindfulness and self-compassion are important for well-being. But they can easily become just another task; something else to feel bad about because you're not doing it. My goal is to make cultivating these qualities as accessible as possible through online classes for individuals and organizations. 

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My Offerings

My name is Jon Walker, and I offer online classes that vary throughout the year—see the Offerings page for current classes. That page also has details about the courses I teach, which range from a 6-week Introduction to Mindfulness to the 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses. I also do a 6-week Mindful Self-Compassion Short Course and a 6-week Self-Compassion for Healthcare course. Again, check the Offerings page for more info.

I also do one- to two-hour introductory sessions for interested (and stressed out!) groups.

My courses can be adapted to meet the needs of businesses and, in particular, healthcare organizations and non-profits, for whom I am happy to do classes on a volunteer or donation basis. I also do in-person classes in the Fort Wayne area (Northeast Indiana). Please contact me if you are interested in bespoke classes. (I wrote that last sentence because I love to customize classes and I love to use the word 'bespoke'.)

Finally, I also do individual mentoring for people who recognize the value of these practices, but simply don't have time for a course. Meeting one-on-one allows us to optimize what we cover and what practices to do in a way that fits in to your life. It also allows time to do practices that can go deeper in a way that is hard to do in a group setting. More info about that is here

“The reason we don’t see the source of problems is that the means by which we try to solve them is the source.”

David Bohm

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