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This is a gentle practice that offers different ways to center yourself in your own compassionate refuge. I am grateful to the Mindful Self-Compassion teachers Tina Gibson and David Teitelman, from whom this practice is adapted. 24 min.

This video explores the reasons why we forget that we can be kind to ourselves, and then looks at the consequences of that as far as how we live our lives. This may help you understand why it is so crucial to take the time to relearn how to be kind to ourselves if we want to act in this world with wisdom and compassion. 10 min.

This practice is a journey from the largest to the smallest aspects of existence. It is a way to build perspective around our experience, perhaps getting a sense that we are part of something much larger than our thinking minds realize. Deep gratitude to Stan Eisenstein who taught me this type of practice. 30 min.

This practice invites a sense of ease as well as offering a way to offer a sense of healing and support for physical difficulties. It is adapted from some of the wonderful offerings at Inner Health Studio. 25 min.

This meditation allows you to explore gratitude from different perspectives, ultimately moving towards unconditional gratitude and the sense of interconnectedness to be found in that quality of the heart. 26 min.

This practice offers a host of ways to resource yourself, ranging from feeling grounded to appreciating your heart's deepest values. It is offered as a way to explore building the ability to be with what is difficult. 32 min.

This meditation allows you to try different anchors in one practice. The breath doesn't always work for folks, and this gives you a chance to practice with other objects of focus. And also see what heart qualities, like gratitude and compassion, that can be found in any anchor. 26 min.

Equanimity is about having a sense of balance around our reactivity to life's experiences. Kind of a spacious non-reactivity. This meditation offers various ways to cultivate this valuable heart quality. (That never seems to be around when you need it!) For more info on equanimity, you can check out this handout in addition to the meditation at the above link. 25 min.

These are brief practices that let you know when 1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes have passed. You can use them as a springboard if you have little time--you can just do a minute, but stay longer if you wish. They focus on different aspects of experience, and there is even one for those times when you don't want to meditate (but still think it would be a good idea)!

There is a lot going on in any given moment. This practice explores the many things within our awareness with curiosity and a chance to release unhelpful judgements. 23 min.

The mountain guided visualization is a classic practice that builds a sense of your inner strength and equanimity. Or it can just be a cool way to chill out with some soothing mental imagery. 22 min.

A guided imagery practice from the Mindful Self-Compassion course that invites a visit from a wise being. 15 min.

A concentration practice builds the skill of focusing on that which you consider important. And also builds the skill of gently releasing that which you decide is unimportant. This practice takes a deep look at the experience of the breath as an anchor to build those skills. 25 min.

This goes on a journey that starts with a practice focused on an anchor of your choosing, with the emphasis being more about how you work with the thoughts that inevitably arise. And then we settle on an exploration of what emotions may be here, and meeting that with kindness regardless of what is here. 30 min.

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