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A Sharon Salzberg Quote

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Sharon Salzburg is truly amazing. Here is a quote from her series on 10% Happier:

“I think that what we do in meditation is really the training ground for how we live. It’s the same skills, and one of the things I’ve loved about meditation is that these really enormous life-changing skills are happening in these itty-bitty little moments. So if you do a meditation session and you ran into a friend and they asked what you were doing, and you said, “I felt a few breaths, my mind wandered and I brought it back”, it would be like, “Eh, really, you spend an afternoon doing that? How weird. That’s nothing.” But it’s not nothing, it’s actually huge because so many instances in our life in any ordinary day we’re called upon to begin again. We made a mistake, or something’s not happened the way we anticipated it happening, and we have to start over. When we practice, even in that ordinary way—with the breath, the mind wanders, we bring it back—we’re doing something tremendous right there.”

Thank you, Sharon, and thank you, Dan, for making 10% happen!

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