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Gladieux Consulting.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

This is a shout out to Michelle Gladieux and her amazing team at Gladieux Consulting.

We get enamored by people that devote their lives to cultivating expertise—athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, etc. We’re less likely to notice the folks who devote their lives to building expertise about how our minds work, such as mental health professionals and executive coaches. Plus, our mind is perfectly happy to tell us that it can figure out our problems if it can only think about them for about a million times—usually keeping us up all night and generally making things worse. As the meditation teacher Sam Harris says, “We desperately want to be happy, but our habitual patterns of thinking and reacting don’t allow happiness a place to land.”

Michelle and her team bring a huge amount of experience, science, wisdom and kindness into undoing those patterns. I was amazed at how the combination of research-based testing and compassionate insight allowed them to help me see the ways my mind interfered with living. And these were things that my own mind couldn’t begin to see because, well, it was stuck inside patterns that went so deep they seemed like fate.

And the GC team’s talents go way beyond working with individuals. When they bring their expertise to organizations, and people see how our habits of mind create unnecessary discord, it can transform workplace culture. To get a sense of this, check out the list of over 150 companies on their website that have benefitted.

If you find that you and/or your organization are stuck in a rut, consider tapping into the expertise that is available to help you get out of it. Seriously, you probably wouldn’t try to rebuild your transmission on your own. Why not let people who have devoted their lives to understanding how minds work help you see where you get in your own way, and then let them give you personalized and actionable ideas for undoing that. It is like having this wise compassionate mix of Florence Nightingale, Gandhi and The Hulk at your beck and call to help you solve the problems that life and your own mind throw at you.

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