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Not just the present moment.

In mindfulness, there is a lot of emphasis on the present moment. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn from the past with an eye to the future. I love this quote on the subject from Sam Harris:

“Take a moment to think about your relationship to your future self. This is the person who's going to inherit the results of what you do, or fail to do, today. If you drink too much tonight, this is the person who will suffer the hangover tomorrow. If you neglect your primary relationships in this decade of your life, this is the person who many years from now may be lonely.

“It's perfectly rational for you to care about the experience of your future self, and it is important to recognize that there's probably no person on earth who is in a better position than you are right now to ensure that your future self lives a good life. Every day is an opportunity to be kind to the person you will eventually become. Why not do that?”

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