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Opinion reactivity.

“Do not search for the truth. Only cease to cherish opinions.” Jianzhi Sengcan, Third Chinese Chán Patriarch.

That quote is plenty sufficient. But now bring it into the modern era with this observation by Sam Harris:

“Consider your relationship to your own opinions. And as you go about your day, interacting with others and encountering other people’s views online, notice your tendency to reflexively form an opinion. Or to hold on tenaciously to an opinion you already have if it comes under pressure.

“Notice the pleasure you take in seeing your beliefs confirmed, and notice your feelings of annoyance or outrage when they are attacked. And see if you can relax that muscle. The next time you see some controversy online, see if you can pause before taking a position on it. If only for a minute, watch your mind and see if you can deny the next opinion a place to land.”

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