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Jeff Warren can just nail things so well. Try this (and thank you, Jeff):

“So often meditation begins as just another activity we’re trying to fit into our day. Over time, it can have a revolutionary effect on our lives. We realize that instead of fitting meditation into our day, we actually need to make our days more meditative. We see how our speed and intensity actually ends up hurting us. Hurting our relationships, preventing our best selves from coming out. In this way, the practice can bring us face to face with the need to simplify our lives, to make changes. It is very sobering, but also on the other side of it, liberating. That is what this meditation is all about…So as you cruise around in your day, look for opportunities to make things simple. Opportunities to appreciate simplicity. When I am more deliberate about this, my life gets better. I start to see what I can let go of, and that allows me to actually be more committed and more present for the things that mean the most to me.”

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