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The other anxiety.

Anxiety is often a plague that threads through our lives, requiring a full court press to keep it from running the show. However, Ellen Vora, M.D., in her book The Anatomy of Anxiety, points out that sometimes anxiety can be a valuable messenger. She writes that when our lives don’t align with our values or capabilities, we can feel anxious. When you listen closely, this anxiety can point you in the direction of actions you need to take as well as the unique contribution you are here to make.

Rather than asking, “How can I stop feeling so anxious?” she says we should be asking, “What is my anxiety telling me?” This form of anxiety is not what’s wrong with you—it is your mind and body fiercely alerting you to the fact that something else is wrong. Anxiety of this sort may stem from being in the wrong relationship, feeling disconnected from other people or from nature, or even living in a world marred by injustice. It calls for careful inspection instead of struggling to remove it.

The koala, by the way, is kindly wishing you a life unfettered by any kind of anxiety. Easy for them…

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